Tuesday, September 14, 2010

We have been busy this summer...

We have been busy this summer, after a great CCR megalodon training in the Caymans during Inner Space at Dive Tech (thanks to Marc and Allison witch our new CCR diver on a Megalodon).
We have certified 3 IANTD Open water scuba instructors, Henry Gomez in Miami Hialeah ,, Tomar and Elaine Ferritto from California, They earned their certifications with a great attitude and good understanding of the IANTD procedures and philosophy.
It was a pleasure to work on the new IANTD Essentials program with Shareef in cave country. we were also happy to organize an IANTD instructor update 2010. (contact IANTD for more)
We thanks also for their support Horizon diver in Key Largo, 40 Fathom in Ocala where we were able to teach an Advanced Recreational Trimix and advanced nitrox and a trimix diver courses, so Congratulation to Thierry for is Trimix diver certification and Marc for his Deep diver and Advanced recreational trimix diver.
We are getting ready for a Technical diver indian summer...

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