Thursday, March 08, 2012

Gear Configuration

"Everything old is new again" Quote of the Essentials Manual by Georges Gawinowski.

One of my buddies gave me an old IANTD Technical diving configuration video from the 90s. That video was coming with the old Technical Diver Encyclopedia which was superb!

Tom Mount was presenting the basics of his technical diver gear configuration, clean, dependable, redundant, streamline, and understandable. That was good! This is realistic, everything made sense.
Billy Deans was showing his wreck diver configuration with a lot of back-up equipment for the type of diving he was doing, Lamar Hires was already showing his Sidemount configuration!! Larry Green talked about stage tanks and Jarrod Jablonski was demonstrating Hogarthian configuration.

This is simply beautiful! I share this DVD with all my Technical divers students. I think it is very important to be reminded and let people know about this tool. Thanks to you gentlemen, nowadays we have nice, dependable, redundant equipment configurations.

Georges Gawinowski
IANTD USA SE Training Director

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