Wednesday, November 26, 2008


We will start a CCR class in Cave country in North Florida on January 28 2009.
The class will end on February 11 2009, so we will have plenty of time to put in practice what we have learned in during our training.
Visit our web site or drop me an E-email if you want to join us.
Safe dive 
Georges Gawinowski

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cave Instructor Class in Marseille France

Nov 2008

WDT has teamed up with IANTD France to organise a 8 days cross-over Cave Instructor Class (1 Technical Cave diver instructor and 1 Intro Cave diver instructor). And we also welcomed 3 cave diver candidates.
The French caves located in the Lot did not want to host our cave class due to bad weather!, so we chose to find other cool spots located in Marseille (Port Miou) and the Pyrenees Orientales area (Font Estramar) beautiful caves!!!

Font Estramar exit.
Photo : Franck Vasseur