Wednesday, December 12, 2012

CCR cave and Technical cave diving

CCR Cave diver and Technical Cave diver are similar diver programs. CCR Cave involves the use of a rebreather whereas Technical Cave diver program is done on open circuit. Even though they look different the concept and preparation of these programs are really close. Let me explain...

These programs are made for people who wish to extend their cave exploration experience. With the basics being already "assimilated" with a lot of practice and experience, it is a natural route to continue the cave diving learning experience.
It should be in fact pretty "easy" for the student to be certified. As Instructors we can state that the student is ready when he/she decides to go towards advanced diving.

Some surprises may come along the way.
When we teach these more technical levels some students have not enough practice of the rebreather emergency skills, and/or no practice of the cave awareness during past cave exploration dives and, as an instructor we must review all of these basics before the course.

However, good surprises come along also when the students have been practicing a lot, they have understood that cave diving demands mental, physical and technical preparation, with a good technique and a good attitude.

I had good surprises these past months and I thank my students for the job they did.