Wednesday, June 06, 2012

CCR Trimix course

We have just finished a CCR trimix diver and Instructor course. After 7 days, 450 minutes in water training for our CCR trimix diver candidate and 550 minutes for our CCR trimix Instructor cross-over. WDT Dive would like to congratulate our new IANTD CCR Trimix Instructor in Las Vegas. Steve Schafer from Lake Mead Technical Divers has been a Trimix IT with IANTD for a long time already.
Congratulations also to our new CCR trimix diver James Killion from K Productionz who is an experienced O/C Trimix diver and Cave diver. James has developed good skills but most importantly a great attitude about training.
We never stop learning and every step guides us to new discovers everytime.
Great job guys! Looking forward to diving with you again.

Georges Gawinowski 
IANTD US South East Training Director