Friday, August 29, 2014

Congratulations to new certified students!

I sincerely would like to congratulate my new certified students who worked hard for their certifications.

They were well prepared to discover new challenge encounters that are part of new courses; cave diving and closed circuit Megalodon rebreather are not easy courses regardless the diver or instructor level we are at.

At WDT Dive I do not take the easiest route to certify people. Like most of my fellow cave diver instructors, I want to make sure that the new certified diver understands the reality about becoming a new cave diver certified.
Alex Gilson (CMAS instructor certified, GUE diver and IANTD Trimix diver) and Rick Thomas (former commercial diver, GUE diver and IANTD Trimix diver) showed both a great attitude and developed great cave diving skills during the course. 18 dives and long hours of training, combined with mental and physical and underwater skills made them certified has NSS/CDS and IANTD full cave divers.

Evgeny Komko became a Megalodon rebreather Instructor, what a dedication from somebody who decided to travel all the way from Ukraine to get his training. Evgeny is already a CCR Inspiration mixed gas diving Instructor up to 100 meters (330 fsw), a NSS/CDS cave diver and a CCR diver on different units such as Megalodon and JJ. It was nice to have him at our WDT dive facility for a week of training and hours in-water time practicing. I am pleased to announce that we registered a new IANTD CCR Megalodon Instructor in Ukraine.

After 8 days of training with Kenny Kipper, a number of dives, in water training practice, Kenny earned his CCR Megalodon diver certification. Kenny is a NSS/CDS cave diver, a TDI decompression procedures diver and TDI Advanced Nitrox diver. He is our new CCR Megalodon diver certified.

Congratulations to all of you and Thank You again for choosing me as your diving instructor.

Georges Gawinowski
IANTD USA South East Training Director