Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cave divers and Essentials Divers from China

WDT Dive had the privilege and honor to teach IANTD Technical divers from The National Museum of China.
After 10 days of intense teaching, we are proud to announce 100% accomplishment with our Essentials divers class and cave diver program. The candidates showed a great skills, professionalism, with a remarkable attitude, even when facing stress and getting tired after long days.
I was happy to work with my fellow and respected instructors Tom Mount, John Jones, Jim Wyatt, Maxim Kuznetsov. I also would like to thank the great staff at Cave Country Diving who helped with fills. It was great to assist Tom Mount again!

In the pictures:
Tom Mount, John Jones, Jim Wyatt, Max Kuznetsov and Georges Gawinowski greeting our new certified divers.