Thursday, July 28, 2011

WDT Facility in Cave country

We are happy to announce that WDT and Georges Gawinowski have moved to Live Oak in Cave country North Florida.
We are located in the mist of the most beautiful cave systems location in the world, to better serve our students.
Here in cave country we are still going to follow our philosophy and make sure that we still stay connected to our cave diver roots. We are in the best place to teach Cavern, Intro-cave, cave, CCR cave programs but also all IANTD and NSS/CDS programs from divers to Instructors.
We are dedicating ourselves to our Essentials way of teaching, with respecting our students and this beautiful environment.
Safe dive to all.
"You dive like you train".

Monday, July 25, 2011

Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Essential Instructor and New Megalodon Instructor

June was very interesting month, I traveled to Mexico.
I was pleased to find good peoples, and a professional staff with the Oceanos Dive shop in Guadalajara.
We have now a new IANTD Megalodon Instructor and a New Essential Instructor.

Congratulation to
- Alberto Ruiz Gaytan: Megalodon Instructor, Essential Instructor
- Marimar Ponce Limon: Essential diver
-Hector Gil: Essential diver
- Augustin Cervantes: Essential diver
-Alejandro Gomez: Megalodon diver
- Juan Perez: Megalodon diver
Safe dive to all