Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Essential Instructor and New Megalodon Instructor

June was very interesting month, I traveled to Mexico.
I was pleased to find good peoples, and a professional staff with the Oceanos Dive shop in Guadalajara.
We have now a new IANTD Megalodon Instructor and a New Essential Instructor.

Congratulation to
- Alberto Ruiz Gaytan: Megalodon Instructor, Essential Instructor
- Marimar Ponce Limon: Essential diver
-Hector Gil: Essential diver
- Augustin Cervantes: Essential diver
-Alejandro Gomez: Megalodon diver
- Juan Perez: Megalodon diver
Safe dive to all


juandavid said...

Congratulations to all of them! Also I have to mention that in Guadalajara Georges gave an excellent conference about technical diving and the importance of the essentials training.
Thanks again!

marimares said...

great course georges! :)
back to basics, learn to breathe all over again.

here are some pics

thanks, have fun and safe dives!!

wdtdive said...

Thank you great pics.