Thursday, October 24, 2013

NERD from Shearwater

Shearwater newest product which we are calling the NERD, Near.Eye.Remote.Display. 

Shearwater will be showing the NERD at the Birmingham dive show this coming weekend and also at DEMA in a couple of weeks.

WDT dive will be  accepting orders after the DEMA show, but not before.  Delivery lead times will be the end November.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. We hope you like the NERD.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Let’s Welcome Fall with some Cave diving!

Summer was rainy in cave country this year, caves system have been opened and closed.
It was a good opportunity to organize some training in south Florida and say hello to good friends.
Caves have reopened and we have some good training going on until winter.
Lots of things are happening in North Florida this fall… we will be attending some shows in the area.

Lots of Rain
It’s rainy season and we are missing rainfalls! Not only to grow green pasture grass back for our companions at our facility but also to get the aquifer levels refilled. As I am speaking today the cave systems are recovering. We went to Madison first week of October and the current is strongly kicking but the blue water is coming back.
Peacock is getting there also, the cave is flowing and the visibility was around 60 feet in some places.
Devil Ear and Eyes have been good.
Little River has been reopened.

Training in South Florida.
We did some training in Miami where I taught a CCR Megalodon Instructor course.
We had great time on wrecks specialty in Pompano Beach with great weather where I was able to conduct our CCR Trimix Nomoxic (CCR MOD2) diver and Instructor course.
Thank you Ocean Safari, Tiger tail, RJ diving and Miss conduct for their support.

Fall Agenda
Lots of events are happening in North and Central Florida, cave diving capital of the world J
Cave summit in Lake city: October 12
NACD annual workshop Gainesville
Cave Excursions “React 2013” in Luraville: October 26th
DEMA Show 2013 in Orlando: November 6th to November 9th
Staying closer to the cave systems, and keeping our philosophy alive was very important for us. We now offer our students a quality and natural learning environment.

Training Agenda at WDT dive facility:
CCR Cave diver course (upgrade): September 1st to October 5th 2013
CCR Megalodon Instructor Development course: October 21st to 25th 2013
CCR Pathfinder diver and Instructor Cross-Over course: October 25th to 28th
CCR Cave cross-over: October 28th to October 31st
Recreational side mount course: November 1st to November 5th
Technical Cave diver course last weekend of November 2013

Tips and training
One of my students had some issues with the weight of his tanks; his feet were constantly low. He is diving heavy doubles with a dual bladder and a comfort type harness with dual shoulder buckles.
The adjustment we did were:
- to switch his steel back-plate for an aluminum back-plate.
- to put a tighter “purist” harness instead of the double buckled shoulder straps.
- to reposition the tanks a little higher and close to the neck.
- to work on trim position, legs up on land.
These adjustments have allowed reinforcing my student’s swimming techniques and his trim.
100% positive results, and another happy cave diver!

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