Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Train with Georges Gawinowski in January 2011.

January 2011
CCR Trimix diver class and CCR Trimix Instructor.
Location: Miami FL
Dates: January 12 to January 21

Picture Credit @ Brigitte Leccia

Offices to better serve you

IANTD HQ has a nice and well organized office to better serves theirs instructors and Dive master. We can appreciate their work everyday and thanks them.
Tom Mount office "Ki-survival Systems" is also located in the same area, he provides quality teaching in Teck diving, Qigong, Martial art and health.
WDT, the scuba diving facility, specialized in Technical diving, and mostly Cave diving. Georges Gawinowski organizes trips to the caves in North Florida, Closed Circuit Rebreather, Trimix and wreck classes and excursion in south Florida, like Miami, Key largo, Pompano beach.
You can find them at:

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

We have been busy this summer...

We have been busy this summer, after a great CCR megalodon training in the Caymans during Inner Space at Dive Tech (thanks to Marc and Allison witch our new CCR diver on a Megalodon).
We have certified 3 IANTD Open water scuba instructors, Henry Gomez in Miami Hialeah ,, Tomar and Elaine Ferritto from California, They earned their certifications with a great attitude and good understanding of the IANTD procedures and philosophy.
It was a pleasure to work on the new IANTD Essentials program with Shareef in cave country. we were also happy to organize an IANTD instructor update 2010. (contact IANTD for more)
We thanks also for their support Horizon diver in Key Largo, 40 Fathom in Ocala where we were able to teach an Advanced Recreational Trimix and advanced nitrox and a trimix diver courses, so Congratulation to Thierry for is Trimix diver certification and Marc for his Deep diver and Advanced recreational trimix diver.
We are getting ready for a Technical diver indian summer...

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

So, you want to become a cave diver? Train with Georges Gawinowski

Becoming a Certified Cave Diver
The NSS-CDS breaks the process of becoming a fully-certified cave diver down into four steps. These steps can be taken as individual courses, or combined into four-, six- or eight-day programs. With each step, students’ knowledge, abilities and experience grow. So, too, do the limitations imposed on them, as the following chart shows:

Cavern Diver: 2 days 4 dives 30 m/100 ft max depth 60 m/200 ft Daylight Zone; max penetration No Restrictions
Basic/Intro Cave Diver: 2 days 4 dives 30 m/100 ft max depth 1/6rd of Doubles No Decompression
Apprentice Cave Diver: 2 days 4 dives 40 m/130 ft max depth 1/3rd of Doubles Limited Deco; No Circuits or Traverses
Cave Diver: 2 days 4 dives 40 m/130 ft max depth 1/3rd of Doubles No Staging or Scootering

Friday, March 19, 2010

SANTI DRY SUITS "Quality suits for Tech divers"

I remember my first dry suit.. It was a latex suit with no OPV, no power inflator, as a "kid" we tough it was enough for us to stay dry and be protected by the cold Mediterranean waters. I almost passed out, was white as an Aspirin and the squeezes marked by body for days. Since then I have tried almost all the Dry suit I could, Started with Spirotechnique Trilaminate, Poseidon 7mn Neoprene, Top Star Neoprene (famous suit in the French Cave diver community) Beuchat Trilaminate and Neoprene, Scubapro Trilaminate, Northern Diver (one of my best), DUI TLS 350, and then the SANTI E-space.
I am impressed by some nice feature of the suit, it is light streamline and well adjusted to my body, it is very well finished, the construction is unique, first the parts are joined together, then inside, they are glued by hand with a 1-1/4 inch wide tape. this process make the suit strong and durable with a 600gr/sqm cordura/Butylen/Polyester. two smart utility pockets with D-ring.
the suit has a 3 year limited warranty.
I think it will fit very well US and EU Tech divers.
Contact me for brochure or more explanations.
Safe Dive
"You dive like you train"
Georges Gawinowski

Monday, March 08, 2010

Trimix courses

We have finished a CCR Trimix program in South Florida.
Two candidates from Brazil and two divers from France joined us for the dives. Anderson was working on his CCR trimix diver and Jose Mario Ventura was working on his CCR trimix Instructor. Jose is a new IANTD CCR trimix Instructor in Brazil.
we dove with RJ in Miami on the Ophelia, Dema Trader, we dove The Spiegel Grove in the Keys with Horizon divers, and we finished with Avid Divers who did as usual a superb work on the deep wrecks of the Hydroatlantic, The Lowrance, and the beautiful RBJ.
What a great week
Congratulation to our candidates for showing a great attitude respects of the procedure during the week.
On the picture from R/L Oliver Paoli, Georges Gawinowski, Anderson Lemos, Jose Mario Ventura, Brigitte Leccia, Fred Criscola

Thursday, January 28, 2010



The cave country is located in the North Central Florida near Live Oak and Mayo. Blue and clear water beautiful cave systems attract people from all over the world. You will find the best caves and the best training. These two combinations will give you the opportunity to increase you diving techniques, become more aware of the dangers and dive theses caverns with respect of theses beautiful underwater systems.

We propose you an intro-cave class from March 27 to March 29.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Diver First Aid / Oxygen Administrator / Automatic External Defibrillator

we have 3 new IANTD Instructors on: First Aid / Oxygen Administrator / Automatic External Defibrillator/o2 Provider.
theses 3 experienced divers and Instructors participated on programs to extend their knowledge.

1. (Diver First Aid) This Program is designed to teach divers on how to manage diving accidents and other injuries that may occur at a dive site.

2. (Oxygen Administrator) This Program is designed to teach people how to utilize and administer oxygen for dive accident management.

3. (AED) This Program is designed to teach people how to utilize an Automatic External Defibrillator.

4.This Program is designed to teach people how to perform CPR on people who are old enough to dive for dive accident


Honorio Roura is an Technical diver and a IANTD Instructor and now can teach CPR/AED/O2 provider and Diver First Air he is located in Miami : contact
Federico Mayoral is a CCR cave diver, CCR wreck and CCR trimix normoxic diver, he is located in Venezuela in Caracas contact:
Carlos Martinez is an Active Instructor located in Miami:

You can contact theses instructor to complete theses programs, anybody should be familiar with theses techniques who can save life.