Monday, March 02, 2009

Cavern Intro-cave class

We will start a Cavern and intro cave class  on April 3 to April 5. 
you can send me a e-email or go to our website if you would like to participate. The class will be followed by a Intro-cave Instructor class ending on April 9.
Good luck to all our candidates.

The IANTD Essentials have been practiced.

Our February CCR Cave class went well and the IANTD Essentials have been practiced during our 10 days training and our 17 hours cave bottom time.
we had to reconfigure some Rebreathers probably well adapted for recreational diving but not for intense cave dives.
we can see on the picture of Brigitte Leccia a nice well configured Inspriration rebreather, and a Megalodon Diver practicing skills at Ginnie springs.