Friday, March 19, 2010

SANTI DRY SUITS "Quality suits for Tech divers"

I remember my first dry suit.. It was a latex suit with no OPV, no power inflator, as a "kid" we tough it was enough for us to stay dry and be protected by the cold Mediterranean waters. I almost passed out, was white as an Aspirin and the squeezes marked by body for days. Since then I have tried almost all the Dry suit I could, Started with Spirotechnique Trilaminate, Poseidon 7mn Neoprene, Top Star Neoprene (famous suit in the French Cave diver community) Beuchat Trilaminate and Neoprene, Scubapro Trilaminate, Northern Diver (one of my best), DUI TLS 350, and then the SANTI E-space.
I am impressed by some nice feature of the suit, it is light streamline and well adjusted to my body, it is very well finished, the construction is unique, first the parts are joined together, then inside, they are glued by hand with a 1-1/4 inch wide tape. this process make the suit strong and durable with a 600gr/sqm cordura/Butylen/Polyester. two smart utility pockets with D-ring.
the suit has a 3 year limited warranty.
I think it will fit very well US and EU Tech divers.
Contact me for brochure or more explanations.
Safe Dive
"You dive like you train"
Georges Gawinowski

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